Friday Food Waste…

Good week here for Food Waste… we have been on a juice fast.  Nothing to throw away, we drank it all!  It has been interesting, we did break the fast once or twice, but since Sunday we have been drinking veggie juice and fruit juice a couple of times a day.  Pretty yummy I must admit!

For those who have read previous posts about the “drooling” washer, it has reached a critical point.   Something has to be done, and sadly, there is a good chance it will involve replacing both washer and dryer.

On a light note, this video is for the washing machine… please don’t give up.

But on a more serious side, for those of you who feel like there is nothing left to hold on for, take the words of this song to heart.  You are loved, and the Lord has His eyes on you, His hand is on your life.  Hang on….



things that perplex me….and some light melancholy

Why is it that I can ride roller coasters all day on Monday, and suffer no ill effects?  No backache, no neck pain, nothing.

Today I clean the bathtub and I pull a muscle in my neck, shooting down to my shoulder.  Really?

Working on a schedule for daily life “enhancement”, including fun activities like job hunting, house cleaning and dog walking.  If I don’t take this open vista of time and give it direction, it will slip away from me, hours that could have been harnessed and put to work on something concrete.

In a week, my baby will be eighteen.  In a small way, this traumatizes my heart.  I do want the inevitable to occur, leaving the nest, marriage and his own family…. but I can close my eyes and still smell his little baby scent.

” The days are long, but the years are short” ~ Gretchen Rubin

Friday Food Waste (and “Barbie” envy)

Sooo…. it looks like no one in my house wants to eat a cherry coffee/cobbler cake.  It looks a little odd because it is made with gluten free mix,  often the color of the finished product is not as brown as with gluten flour.  Dumped most of whole thing in the trash… sigh…

The Unwanted Cherry Cake/Cobbler....

On to other things… does anyone else have a “Barbie” that runs in their neighborhood?  Perfect body, long blond hair, cute little outfits.  When she runs by men drive off the road, people stare, you get the picture… Not only is she the picture of fitness, but she is fast, like gold medal fast.

I have talked with “Barbie”, she is nice and she is normal.  But that doesn’t stop my envy when she blasts past me in the mornings, leaving me to stare at her long hair and perfect legs.  Maybe someday I can be Barbie’s little sister, Skipper. Shorter and slower Skipper….that’s me.

Is it just me?

Am I the only person who is able to walk out of a restaurant unaware that the back of her skirt is tucked into her…um… unmentionables?

awesome.  perfect way to end my birthday.  …sigh…

I do have a level of “unawareness” that surrounds me, similar to the Peanuts character Pig Pen.  Instead of dirt, I seem to be in a cloud of disconnectedness at times.  Self awareness can elude me, especially in the areas of food in teeth, stains on shirts and apparently, skirts.  This is why my personal policy is to alert anyone, friend or stranger, to dirty teeth, slips showing or tags hanging out.  Speaking of tags, I recently walked thru my university with the size sticker still adhered down the leg of my jeans… the best part being when one of the students pointed it out to me, after class, while we were standing around talking in a group. I could feel my cool factor plummet as I casually reached around the back of my leg and ripped off the long, skinny sticker.

The benefit of enduring these types of humiliations is numerous.  First of all, I am reminded to not take myself so seriously, especially since I might be flashing a whole room of dining patrons, unaware of my performance. Secondly, I have a high level of compassion for others who are caught in such circumstances, and rush to their rescue. And last, but really best, I am pretty certain that Jesus thinks I am a riot.

Near miss..

Almost had a job this week… almost.  So close, so near, and yet it didn’t happen.  I interviewed twice this week, for the same position in our little town.  It was job assisting the director of our main street development.  She ( the director) was a blast , the hours were awesome, the pay decent, the drive non-existent.

First interview, yours truly and six people on the board of the dowtown development.  My first interview in 20 years.  Actually it felt like talking with friends, almost fun.  Next interview, myself and three more members of the board.  Way more intense, and yet kind of fun.  I was pretty convinced that I had the position.

I was wrong.  Out of 50 applicants, I came in second.  Sometimes getting the silver medal stinks.  Really wanted the gold, first place.  I was surprised how sad I was to not get “picked” for the team.  Even in my forties, I still want to be picked for the team.

Ultimately I gained interview experience, a new reference/resume pusher in the director I would have worked for, and a overall positive experience.  In addition, I have a new empathy for those that are searching for work to support their families.  It would feel very defeating to go into this process over and over, and not land the job.  My experience gives me new insight on how to pray for those in the season of job seeking.

P. S. Happy Birthday to me, tomorrow!

Food Waste Friday ( and driving with a cat)

First, to food waste.  Threw out some “liquid” cilantro, yuck.  Managed to save three bananas from a bunch of six, used them in banana bread, the other three went out to the trash.  Tossed some wilted spinach left over from a couple of nights ago.  I feel slightly okay about making banana bread, but sad I couldn’t make two loaves.  Too much waste this week.

In other news, the outdoor cat, BlackJack has been limping with a huge swollen paw the past couple of days.  Off to the vet to find out what is going on with his paw.  Like most cats, he HATES the car.  Why was I surprised that the first thing he did when he got inside the car was pee on the dashboard?  Guess where I will be the rest of the afternoon?  yup, cleaning up The Man’s car!  Cat pee is the worst…. ever.

Black Jack is now resting comfortably with a painkiller and some antibiotics swishing thru his system.  He had been in a cat fight and had an infection from the wound on his paw.  Good for him, bad for my wallet.

Too bad BlackJack doesn’t fight like a kitten anymore…

Simple thoughts on Idenity

“Research show that the more elements make up your idenity, the less threatening it is when any one element is threatened.”  – Gretchen Rubin “The Happiness Project”

As I sat at breakfast this past Saturday, reading my book, this sentence jumped out at me. Frankly, it felt like the heavens opened up and the angels about speaking a timely word right to my heart!  Both children will be in college this fall, my identity has been a little confused.  It is still somewhat adhered to being a mom of dependent children, not mostly independent adults.

Encouraged by this statement,   I began to take stock of the pieces of identity that I carry around with me, some easily identified, others a bit harder to pin down.  A quick listing would include wife, mother, daughter,sister, friend… many of the roles that encompass the female gender.  Looking beyond the obvious, I am a quilter, a writer, I knit, coffee drinker, chocolate fiend, I crochet, dog owner, a former homeschooling mom, gluten free, dairy free, soy free,a walker, not a runner…. these pieces spring to mind easily. For me the foundation of all identity is  rooted and grounded in the love of Jesus, and my love for Him.

Next month I will be taking a class and getting my motorcycle license.. snap..add another piece to the idenity puzzle. In a simple, easy way this idea has encouraged me to continue to add to who I am, expanding my world.  As pieces age out, become obsolete, or no longer interest me, I am encouraged to look around my world and press forward as I build an amazing picture.

** Update on the washing machine… so far so good, turning on the water at the pipes has been very effective.  It is amazing how little laundry I really need, these days it is wash and wear, my closet is the folded basket.  I have refrained from shopping for new washers, I really believe that The Man can fix it when he returns.  Until then, it’s just- in- time underwear!